100,000 ebook downloads later …

Over the last few years we’ve amassed loads of fascinating facts from the world of science for Ask a Scientist (www.askascientist.co.uk). Some have been published as stories on the site, others tweeted out to our followers, but we wanted to do more to spread the word of both Ask a Scientist as a brand and website, and also disseminate the knowledge to an even wider audience – at the time it was just sitting on our computers in various notepad documents.

After looking at a few options, we turned to ebooks, but why?

  • They offer a quick turn around
    Using relatively simple software and online editing and publishing services, it was a breeze to publish a book. We gathered some of our favourite facts together, categorised them into chapters and within a week it was submitted online.
  • They’re free to publish
    As an educational site, we didn’t really have the money available to spend on printed books. Ebooks offered us a different option. There’s loads of sites and services available online for free, who take a small percentage whenever you sell a book. For us – it was a no brainer.
  • There’s a massive audience
    Pretty much everyone has access to a mobile, tablet or computer these days – all of which have access to at least one ebook store. As long as your ebooks are on as many different stores as possible – it’ll ensure the most amount of exposure for your new product.

So that was that. Our first ebook was out there for the world to access. With no advertising budget we promoted our ebook on our site, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Word of mouth slowly took off, and within the first couple of months we were already at over 10,000 downloads. We then started regularly appearing at the top of Amazon’s free educational ebook list which increased our downloads even more.

We thought we needed to take advantage of this, so we quickly published a second ebook – this time focusing on one of our most popular topics – Health. Although slower than our original ebook, our second helped our exposure and every month, thousands of people from around the world were downloading our ebooks.

10 months later, we hit the mark we were waiting for – 100,000 downloads. Pretty amazing for a site relying on free advertising and word of mouth.

We’re not going to stop there though. We’re currently looking into ebook number three, so watch this space!

Find our ebooks online: http://askascientist.co.uk/news/get-amazing-new-ebook/