49er Basketball

Today there was a basketball game at the university, with the Charlotte 49ers (UNCC’s team) against Hofstra University, to you and me, thats a university up in Long Island, New York. It was a good game, and in true ‘me’ fashion, I took a load of pics which you can see in the gallery, as well as a video clip which is at the bottom of this blog post! In the end Charlotte won, by 8 points (I think!), even though come the end it was getting pretty close!

But, as always, there’s always crazy things happening – and this game was no exception! For starters there was a brass band – with drums – in one of the stands. Every so often they would all burst into tune, normally during time outs and at half time. You’d think a band was just a band though – but they seemed pretty energetic! Even with thier big instruments, all standing in what must have been pretty cramped seating for them, they were moving with the music, from just swaying, to turning around all the time during one song after – er – the chorus? – I’ll call it the chorus… Anyway, for a band, they were pretty amazing…

…there were also quite a few people dressed up as everything, from bears to smooties and from suns to a big nut and bolt… mainly advertising stuff, but at half time they had a crazy little basketball game of thier own – pics in the album, all i can say it was pretty crazy. There was also the Charlotte team mascot – Norm the Niner – who went around, propelling tshirts out of a cannon, or, as the pic shows below (the one on the right) using a fishing rod and a fake spider to scare people!

More Pics