ABC1: Sherri Shepherd Interview

Hey folks, so the other week – well it must be a couple now but I havn’t blogged in a little bit it seems, I managed to get an interview – exclusive I might add – with Sherri Shepherd for the unofficial site I run about the digital UK channel ABC1;, which some if not most of you already know I do!

Anyways, for those who don’t know, she plays Ramona in the ABC comedy Less Than Perfect over in the states, which in turn is shown in the UK on ABC1. After emailing her agent who seemed enthusiastic, I sent off a bunch of questions. Now, I expected to have to wait a few days – even a few weeks for a reply, but behold the very next day I got her response!

 So, then I got on to the task of publishing it to the site, and after a short while it was online! Amazingly about a week later, someone signed up to the forums, apparently Sherri herself, and replied to the forum thread about the interview! Now, I’m not 100% sure it was her – but – its pretty cool to think about!

You can read it at:

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  1. If you’d put up the podcast post when I told you to you wouldnt have to post stale news 😉 but it’s a good interview

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