Ambassadorial Duties

So the second day of being an ambassador at Kingston University for the Computing, Information Systems & Mathematics (CISM) Faculty at an Applicant Open Day for prospective students commenced earlier today. (My fellow ambassador Myles blogged about the first day over at his blog.)

So, motivated with Red Bull and wearing my CISM t-shirt this time expectations were higher than the February Open Day where the number of students was far fewer than anticipated… but how we were wrong… Yet again the anticipated number of students due to attend was lower than expected, however was still much higher than the first open day. The day went well, ferrying customers from the main exhibition hall (where I was stationed) down to our faculty ‘base room’ which was where prospective students could speak one-to-one with tutors (in theory all good – in practice this doesn’t seem to work very well, due to a lack of students going there!). As well as helping random people every so often who were lost on thier own travels around the maze which is the Penrhyn Road Campus, I also had to take a group around a tour of the computing facilities later in the afternoon.
Yet again it was a good day, a fun nice experience which I would be happy to do again!