Well, here I am. America. I’ve been here a little over eleven days, yet three weeks ago it still seemed so far off; a distant dream if you will. But now its here and after getting settled in and then experiencing a weeks worth of lessons I don’t think it has really sunk in yet. Other than a tedious eight hour flight and then three hours of aditional delays, it doesn’t really feel like much has changed. Yea, its a lot more humid, and the cars drive on the other side of the road and all, but it just feels like any other day, kinda as if we’ve been here for ages.

 Maybe it’s because I havn’t really felt homesick, I’m guessing because I ‘left home’ last year to go to Kingston as well, and so this year it hasn’t hit me. Or its just because we’ve been kept busy, from endless shopping trips to get everything from essentials to food, to taking photos and attending classes.

 As soon as we got off the plane and out of the airport the heat and humidity here hit us. I think we are slowly now getting used to it, and with every building air conditioned we can get around, its just a little burden when you want around in the mid-day sun. We’ve been meeting a few people here and there, mostly other international students as we spent virtually the entire first week with them, from orientation to a meal, and we live with most on our floor in our halls accomodation. Over the past few days we’ve started to slowly meet a few Americans, and most would seem friendly enough. Everywhere we go it seems there are people amazed at our accents, and in shops we often get comments made towards us! – In the nice way that is!

So, down to the campus – its big – and very modern. So modern virtually everything looks brand new. Photo’s on the gallery to follow soon! There are blue light boxes scattered around the entire campus which you can use incase of an emergency, or if you want the police to drive you back home at night! – I havn’t tried that yet! 😉

 Anyways, I hopefully plan to start keeping this up to date again while over here in America, and will start posting pictures of my time here in the gallery soon. Until then though… have a good one!