An Interview with Sabrina Lloyd

One from the archives now – an interview which I organised with the American actress Sabrina Lloyd, (who starred in Sports Night and┬áNumb3rs)┬áback in June 2006 for the unofficial website for the channel abc1 (both sadly now defunct!).

Since the TV channel closed and the website ended along with it, this has been lost from the world, stored on my hard drive. But now I’m re-publishing the interview here to give it a fresh breath of air, and atleast some people will be able to still see and read it!

This interview was first published at in June 2006
Interviewer: Lloyd England

Interview with Sabrina Lloyd

1. What first inspired you to become an actress?
I started in community theater when i was a young girl. it was my mom’s idea. i had a lot of energy and she was trying to find an outlet for it.

2. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Have you ever travelled to the UK before?
Traveling is one of my great passions and something i do a lot of. yes, i have been there. i loved it.

3. While filming Sports Night was there any memorable bloopers and moments that you can remember?
It’s been so long now, i don’t remember too much.

4. You fitted the role of Natalie perfectly, was there anything about the character that resembles you?
Yes, there is a lot of me in natalie but i think she might be more fun to have at a party.

5. On screen there seemed to be a chemistry between all of the cast members from Sports Night was it like that off set as well?
I think there was tremendous respect between all of us. we worked hard and we loved our job.

6. If Sports Night had carried on further than the 2 seasons that were made would you have wanted to continue?
Oh yes. i would have loved too.

7. …and would you ever consider doing a Sports Night reunion to conclude the story if one was ever written?
I think i am too old to play natalie now.

8. Do you keep in contact with the other cast members from Sports Night?
I don’t. Life moves in different directions.

9. In your opinion should Aaron Sorkin have continued writing Sports Night or do you think it was better to leave it where it was?
I wish he would have continued, but only he knows whether it was the right time to leave. if he had told his story and was done, then i guess it was the right time.

10. Is Sports Night the type of show that you would watch if you had any free time?

11. How do you think Aaron Sorkin’s new show, Studio 60, which like Sports Night is based around the behind-the-scenes look of a television show, will compare with Sports Night?
I don’t know but i am sure it will be great.

12. Over your career has there been one thing that you have enjoyed doing the most?
Every job has it’s own journey. some have been great. sports night was one. dopamine, a film i did, was another. that was just an amazing experience for me.

13. What was it like recording your latest movie, Universal Signs, with it being a modern silent film, shot primarily in black and white? How different was it than other shows and movies you have starred in?
It was a challenge and very hard and wonderful. i loved it. i loved learning sign language. i worked on that for 3 months prior to filming.

14. Since Universal Signs is now in post production, have you got anything else on the horizon?
I am working on a film this summer with melissa leo and david strathairn. it’s called racing daylight.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to chat to us at ABC1 UK, and we wish you all the best for the future.
Thank you!

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