Backup your online life

With so much of our time and lives spent online these days using sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Flickr for example, you do sometimes wonder what would ever happen to all your data if one of these services suddenly dropped off the face of the earth? Granted, its highly unlikely that they would, or that they would lose all your data – but for that one in a billion chance there is a solution!

Backupify (┬áis a service which I came across about a month ago which offers to backup all of your online data from a whole variety of online services with little to no effort from us. After setting up the initial options and account settings, it will happily do it’s thing every day while you sit back and forget about it. I’m currently using the service to backup my Twitter, Flickr and this very WordPress blog – I could setup more, but just havn’t yet.

And what’s more, if you sign up by February 15th 2010 – you can take advantage of their current offer and get a premium account for free, so it’s worth joining even simply to check it out and decide if its the right thing for you, especially as it’s currently free!

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