Are you a budding science communicator?

We’re looking for professional scientists and post graduate students with an interest and desire to help educate young people and the wider public volunteer a small amount of their time to answer science based questions online.

What would we need from you

All we ask is for you to answer a couple questions every month or so at the minimum, if you want to answer more than feel free! They only have to be a few paragraphs long, and written to GCSE / A-level level to make sure the widest possible audience can understand them.

Don’t want to write? We also have a possible exciting new venture which would see us team up with a leading online audio site which would let visitors ask questions verbally, and let scientists respond to them likewise.

What’s more, if you’re a STEM Ambassador, your contributions will actively count towards your activities!

You’ll be credited for all your work, and it’s a great visible way of getting yourself out there and in the public eye.

Get more info and take part!

If you want to take part or get more info, simply leave a comment below, or email us at

To see how we’ve been getting on so far, and what’s already been answered, you can view the Ask a Scientist website.