Car Show

Today we went to a car show at the NASCAR track here in Charlotte. We would have missed it if we hadn’t of seen an advert on TV about it the night before, and so our quick decision was to go to it!

The NASCAR speedway itself (where it was being held) was huge, with a few cars on show near the entrance, but most either down on the track itself or in the center of the track where the pit stop is and such. We ended up walking the entire way around the track looking at cars – there were loads! Way too many to take a photo of each without running out of battery especially when I forgot to take my spare. A few of the photos I took are below of the cars;

Car Car Fire Tender

Also there were life size show cars for the recent Disney Pixar movie ‘Cars’, which were in a building in the center of the track;

Disney Cars Disney Cars Disney Cars

And, to my delight a TV Show was being recorded! For the American ‘Speed Channel’, there was a main stage where they were filming 2 cars at a time for a car show to apparently be aired in January 2007. A few pics are below;


In the end it was a good day out, even contending being out in the heat for 5 hours with no shade! I also took an astonishing 285 photos, way too many to upload onto my site, but a selection of what I thought were some of the best can be found at the gallery by clicking here. Or from clicking any of the pictures above.

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  1. So this is what you do when i’m away, well i know when i’m not wanted, so i guess i’ll have to go and live in another state and heave even more fun that you

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