Fast Track Photographer

Fast Track Photographer

The other day I recieved Dane Sander’s book “Fast Track Photographer” for free through the post after winning it in a twitter contest where he was giving away 500 copies. Who is Dane Sanders I here you ask? Well he’s a professional wedding photographer living in Southern California who is also a regular speaker for Adobe and Pictage as well as having been featured in many professional photography magazines.

The excerpt for the book states;

“Fast Track Photographer gives you powerful tools for discovering your core strengths and a foolproof plan for maximizing them in the flat new world we live in. If you want to build a recession-proof, competition proof photo business in the 21st Century, you need to throw out the old rule book. You need to get on the Fast Track.”

Even though I am not a wedding photographer, and have never taken any photos at one, I still look forward to reading the book as I can hopefully apply what it discusses to other situations.

If you want to find out more about Dane Sanders you can visit his site, or follow him on twitter here.