Half Man. Half Amazing.

Yesterday (Sunday) we went along to an American Football game in downtown Charlotte at the Bank of America Stadium. The Carolina Panthers were against the Atlanta Falcons. Even though the game ended up with the Carolina Panthers loosing in what could simply be called a rubbish game by them, the whole experience was great. The stadium itself was huge, and even though we were at a top corner section, the view was still pretty good, and the atmosphere from the supporters was great, with the Falcon supporters chanting at the Panther fans all the time… with one calling one of thier players ‘half man. half amazing!’ at the top of his voice, which was pretty amazing in itself!

At half time we also saw the biggest flag I have ever seen in my life! It covered the entire pitch to commemorate 9/11 which anniversary followed the next day (today). When each of the top Panther players entered at the start as well was quite a sight, with flames shooting up and mini firework type things…

Some photos below are from what I took on the day, there are more in the gallery. From left to right, TV News truck, Player Entrance, the BIG flag!

News Truck Players Entrance Flag

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As you may have noticed, the site has changed its look. Its a bit more modern now than before, and in my view more professional than before. There’s now pages dedicated for each video and website (some website pages still need to be completed) which I have made and more bits and bobs, so go explore! For all you in the know and who care, I made the site fully using CSS, while making it XHTML 1.0 valid – the first time I have done so on my own after taking the plunge into valid webpages after I was forced to change! Ahem! Hehe.

Well I guess thats that. I keep thinking to myself that I’m missing something out here, and I’ll probably realise later and kick myself, but hey, until next time…

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