Introducing My Flickr Account


After much persuasion from Myles, and much retaliation from myself, I finally joined Flickr for somewhere to showcase my photography, and to my original surprise I love it!

I’m going to be uploading some of my better works onto Flickr for the world to see on my account at . I hope to get some publicity out of this move by getting my work ‘out there’ as Myles would say, but also it’s a good website with a great established community.

On occasions I am also going to be blogging a ‘featured’ photo, like my Snooker one below, which will be photos I have taken and uploaded to Flickr which also deserve a mention on my blog, similar to what Thomas Hawk does, however probably less frequently as an when I take a photo worth featuring.

I plan to get alot more photos up in the near future, for now there is a small selection of what I’ve taken on a few topics and places. So if you’re find yourself browsing around Flickr one day, give my account a visit!