KTN’s on Twitter

Following a few tweets back a forth with a couple of people it became apparent that there was no one place where someone could view all the Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTN’s) on Twitter.

What’s a KTN I hear you say? Well, they are government funded networks (there’s quite a few of them!), where groups of industry professionals can get together to discuss and share knowledge and keep up to date on what everyone’s doing, and what’s happening within their profession.

Anyway!, to put a stop to there being no single repository of their Twitter activities I’ve set up a Twitter list to do bring them all together – now you can find and follow to all the KTN’s at once by heading over to my Twitter list here: http://twitter.com/lloydengland/ktns

If you know of any other KTN’s which arn’t on my list, please do let me know.

*Note – This is not an official list by any means, and was solely created by me to benefit others with no involvement from any official party.

One thought on “KTN’s on Twitter

  1. a useful list as we establish the KTN network of networks – KTN’s are an invaluable resource and as far as I know a unique national innovation resource envied by many other countries

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