Launch of Ask a Scientist

It’s been two weeks since my latest project, Ask a Scientist, was released into the wild and so I thought it was about time to at least mention it here.

The site sees young people (primarily between the ages of 14 – 25) engage and interact with science on a new level – by providing them with a platform to ask any science related question they want – and get real scientists from around the UK to provide the answers, stimulate discussions and generally teach and inspire young people to make science their career.

After months of planning, designing and negotiating with various science organisations and scientists, the site finally went live on July 15th – with the aim to expand and enhance the content of the site over time. I’d also like to thank all the support I’ve had so far from many, many people who without them, the site wouldn’t be anywhere close to completion – that includes my friends and family, colleagues at NPL, and various people from a whole host of other organisations including STEMNET, Kingston University, the MET Office and the NHS to name a few!

Go check it out – let me know what you think – and by all means get involved and help improve and expand what the site currently has to offer!

The site also makes use of various social networks – you can follow it on Twitter at @askascientist – and, if you tweet questions they will automatically be added to the question repository. There’s also a Facebook fan page and a Youtube page for the videos.