Moo Cards

This evening I took the liberty of ordering 100, yes, 100 Moo Cards! Now, at this moment in time you must be thinking I’m crazy and what on earth are Moo Cards!?! Well, after being informed by my co-worker Myles, about a blog photographer Thomas Hawk made a while back about him ordering some Moo Cards, I was intriguied!

Moo Cards are mini business type cards, which can feature your own photos on the back of them, in full colour, for only £10 for a pack of 100 (all of which can have a seperate individual photo!)

Well, after pain stakingly choosing ten different photos (so I would have ten of each), and then making them look decent on the back of the cards, I wrote my information in and ordered them! So, in 10 working days apparently I should be the proud owner of 100 Mini Moo Cards, hopefully all looking as good in real life as I think they did on my computer screen! We’ll see…

2 thoughts on “Moo Cards

  1. hey lloyd u should start linking the main subjects of ur entries… u know.. like MINI MOO CARDS so that people (LIKE ME) dont have to open up a new page and google “mini moo cards”. we can just click on it, you know? interesting.

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