Friday night Myles’ uncle who lives in South Carolina took us to the Motor Speedway track here in Charlotte to watch a NASCAR race! The race started at 8pm and so was at night which in a way was pretty cool, however as we found out later may not have been the best as it got very cold with the race not ending to around midnight.

 Before the race started we had to go buy ear plugs from a vendor outside the stadium РI would find out the nessacity later when 40+ cars with beefed up engines roar past 300 times Рit becomes very noisy, unbearable without any ear protection. Outside seemed a hive of activity in itself, with loads of golf cars racing each other and driving around in groups. There was also the team trailers selling official merchandise along side sponors and thier own adverts and competitions. Of course there was also TV-ness, with a live TV soundstage outside, and a TV-Media village made up of loads of satelitte trucks and trailers, serving to broadcast the race to TV, as well as being a hub for all things media related Рrightly called the NASCAR Technology Center.

More Pics

Sorry if some of the photos are blurred. With it being night time, and the speed of the cars it was difficult to get good photos.

Anyways, onto the race itself, which was great, we had pretty good seats, close to the track, just past the corner of turn 4, allowing us to clearly see the pit lane aswell as being abloe to see the start / finish line and the majority of the track. Along with a ton of crashes, a few of which happened just in front of us, and a couple I cought on camera, the cars were going so fast the majority of the time taking photos was a challenge! I resorted to video for the majority of the race, which you can see a short 3min video at the bottom of this blog post.

All in all it was a great night, seeing the race was great, and some of thier equipment, such as after a crash having 2 trucks with jets which sounded like an airliner landing!, which blew all the debris off of the track, as well as the crashes of course! And how a guy went from 42nd place Рto 2nd!