New Camera!

I’ve finally got my hands on a digital SLR camera, and thus joined the Digital SLR club! Where’s my membership card?…¬†After ordering it online last Saturday, it finally arrived six days later on Friday!

Canon 400D, ChargerSo, what camera you may ask? Well… its the Canon EOS 400D… or… it was mean’t to be… the actual camera which arrived was infact the Canon Digital Rebel XTi… which for all those not in the know, is actually the 400D… just the American Version… everything is actually identical with both cameras other than the name… oh and the charger… I have a crazy funky charger which looks just weird as it’s American and folds in and out… luckily a UK adaptor was also sent so I can use it!

As you can see in the second photo on the right! The first one of which is of my new camera with it’s 70-300mm lens on!

Either way I’m happy! Along with the camera and it’s standard 18-55mm lens, I also got a Sigma 70-300mm lens, and a 4GB CF Memory card to store all my lovely to be photos!

Hopefully more better photos will come as a result! Hopefully!

One thought on “New Camera!

  1. Welcome to the club

    I’ve been doing some reseach today about the hood for the 18-55mm kit lens, basically as it stands at the moment from what I can tell most hoods are designed for 24mm onwards, which means that they will always vignette when zoomed out to 18mm….which sucks.

    Just thought i’d share that piece of wisdom with you.

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