New York City – Day Four

Bright and early, 8am once again, ready for the final day of being in the city. With an our or so until we have to check out of out rooms, we take the time to quickly look at the ABC / Disney studios a couple of blocks away from our hotel, and then have a wonder around Central Park which was right next to our hotel, before we had to head back in around 9.30am to leave our rooms and abandon our bags for the day until we collected them later that evening ready to head back….

We then headed down to the island of Manhatten to the very bottom to go visit the Statue of Liberty. With a queue to get to the island as long as the island itself it would seem, we took it upon ourselves to take a ferry tour around the harbour instead, with a queue much shorter so we could maximise our time for the day. The tour took little under an hour, going around the Hudson River, past the Statue of Liberty and along to the Brooklyn Bridge and back. It was a good trip, and with great weather I managed to get some good photos.

More Pics 

After getting back off the ferry and looking around Battery Park and at the building used in the Men In Black movies as thier HQ, we headed back on the Subway back up towards Fifth Avenue and Times Square again, this time though to go to the top of the Rockefeller Center to get some photos of the city in the day, to go along with the photos of the city at night form the Empire State Building.

More Pics 

After spending time at the top taking a load of photos we headed back to get a bite to eat and then do some shopping before we had to leave for good. Not before long though it was already getting dark, and with shopping bags in tow, we slowly made our way back to the hotel while taking some last photos of the streets and such like.

It was an amazing city, and somewhere I would love to go back to one day, next time for longer than four days though! It was just a shame we didn’t have a whole heap of time to go everywhere possible, but we managed to go to all the ‘big places’ and it was all good in the end, and after another 12 hour coach journey we were back Sunday morning to properly sleep!

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  1. Ok i don’t believe you went to New York the picture you uploaded and also used in at the top of your site, looks so computer generated. Now it’s true you may appear in some of the videos i took in New York, but i’m going to need more proof than that, that you were actually in New York.

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