New York City – Day One

Well, when I say ‘day one’ I really mean ‘day one and a bit’. Tuesday night. 10pm. We were all leaving Charlotte for an eagerly awaited break to New York City over Thanksgiving. With a 12 hour coach journey ahead of us to get there, all we could do is try to sleep.

¬†After what would seem as a life time on board the coach – which atleast was a decent new one this time, as opposed to the older one we had going up to Washington DC. Anyways, we finally arrived in New York at around 10 – 11am after stopping off at a service station near the New Jersey Turnpike for breakfast, and after the driver drove around the same blocks 3 times trying to find the hotel…

After getting given our rooms and sitting down for a little while, we were all back out again for a coach tour of the city, where we basically went around for the afternoon being shown where we can go such as the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero and such.

The next morning the Thankgiving Macy’s Parade was going to take place, so later that evening we were back out again, this time walking up a few blocks to get to where they were inflating the massive balloons for the following day’s parade. It was pretty cool, seeing them up close, which a load of people all there bustling about! See photos in the next blog post.

Like with my Washington DC blog; more photos will be added along with each blog post, day by day until the end, this trip I took over 1000 photos – so it’s gonna take me a while to sort through and upload the best photos up onto¬†here!