New York City – Day Three

With little over five hours sleep, it was the start of another day – back out of the hotel again at around 8am as to try to make the most out of our short time in the city. You couldn’t really ask for better weather – bright blue skies without a cloud in sight, pretty amazing for the end of November, and how it had been raining for the entire previous day.

The morning was spent generally taking photos of the city in general, browsing some shops up and down what would seem to be the main shopping street; Fifth Avenue which led down to Times Square past the Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building.

The morning seemed to be over in a flash, and having ended up taking photos of people Ice Skating outside the Rockefeller Center, we headed inside for our pre-booked NBC Studios Tour, which we had organised back in Charlotte a week or so before the trip. Sadly photography inside the studios was prohibited, however it was a couple studios for NBC News, NBC Nightly News and the Saturday Night Live studios, all of which air in America obviously on NBC. Being an enthusiast of all things TV and Media related I enjoyed it, similar to the BBC Studios tour I went on a year or so back in London. Afterwards we went around the NBC Store located at the front of the building to buy some NBC, and, Studio 60 merchandise!

Times Square & Empire State Building  

By now it was mid afternoon, so we popped down into Times Square for food and more photo taking, this time in decent weather. The plan was then to head over to the Empire State Building to get some photos of the city, in the day, during sun set, and at night all in one go. How wrong were we. It would seem everyone else had the same idea, and after standing in a queue for three hours – yes – three hours to get to the top, it was already dark. However, we took a load of photos, even though without tripods it proved slightly challenging not to get blurred shots with it being dark – but thankfully I did get some decent photos.

More Pics 

  After the Empire State Building and heading back to the hotel to unload all the photos we’d taken so far that day, it was back out down into Time Square at night – we didn’t want to waste any of our time there. So, we explored Time Square at night and again got alot of photos. We headed into the ESPN Zone to get a meal and sit down for a bit, while eating our ‘ESPN Burgers’ – thats what they were called! It was a pretty cool place with a nice atmosphere. 

The City That Never Sleeps  

Its true what they say, New York really is the City that never sleeps, by midnight the streets around Times Square were as busy as they were in the day – it was pretty insane. Come 1.30am, we were still around the square having purchased some souvieners from very late night opened souviener shop! When we happened to come across a row of police bikes, with the cops just standing around chatting and such like. We noticed other people asking if they could sit on the bikes and have photos taken, and so, we did too! So, at 1.30am in the middle of Times Square, we were each sitting on a police bike in turn having a photo taken! Its was pretty cool, and something I would have never expected – I can’t even imagine something like that happening in the UK at that time of night.

More Pics 

Even though we could have stayed there forever, we had to make ourselves go back to the hotel so we could wake up again the next morning! So after making our way back into the Subway, we ended up waiting around for 25mins for our train to turn up. While we were waiting, a singing guy (I would say hobo, but he seemed well dressed as if he simply did it as if he was bored) was on the platform performing a variety of songs. Now, not like any other random weirdo on the streets who sings for change, he was actually pretty good, and over the time we were there was building up an audience for himself. Everyone waiting was listening to him, giving him change, even singing along and recording him – he was a legend in his own right!