New York City – Day Two

As the weather man predicted, Thursday was going to be raining all day. From the early hours we were up and by 8am out the door wondering the streets again! First stop was the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade which was basically happening at the end of our street, so for a couple of hours we stayed there watching the parade go by… even with the rain loads and loads of people turned up. But after a while of getting drenched we decided to abort the parade….

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The next task was to try to work out how to buy subway tickets, and then how to use the subway! First stop was Times Square. A rainy day would have been perfect for shopping, but, with it being Thanksgiving nearly everywhere was closed, so after getting something to eat we took it upon ourselves to try to find David Blaine, who was performing a stunt involving a massive giroscope with him in the air for three days… but unless he had already finished by the time we got there, we couldn’t find him, not even the cops knew where he was… This would end up being the first of many visits to Times Square, and so photos were ‘reserved’ for the following day with better weather!

With umbrellas in full use, we headed back to the subway and further down Manhatten to Ground Zero. Other than a crazy preaching woman who seemed to be shouting and protesting about everything under the sun, the area had a very somber feel. It was hard to believe that the scenes from 9/11 that we’ve all come to know happened where I was standing five years before.

More Pics 

By now it was already getting pretty late in the day, and with the rain still pelting it down it was time to head back. With news that the weather would brighten up for the next couple days, all eyes were on them to get everything else done.