Protons for Breakfast

The past couple of weeks have seen me spending my Wednesday evenings working late at NPL recording and photographing their latest ‘Protons for Breakfast’ course which lasts six weeks and aims to to teach people of all ages how science impacts us on our daily lives.

Through a mixture of lectures, live demonstrations and hands-on activities the students get taught and shown wide ranging areas of science; from the fundamentals of electricity and light in weeks one and two, to debates on climate change and health issues with mobile phone use.

For more information, you can check out the Protons for Breakfast section on the NPL site, or read the official Protons for Breakfast blog.

See some of the goings on from the past couple of weeks below;

Electrification with a Van de Graaff generator during Week 1

Week 2 saw the students exploring the wonders of light

Listening to a talk on optical illusions and light from week 2.