Review: 365; A Year In Fashion – Sean Ellis

I look back on the photographs now and I see faces filled with hopes and dreams, laughter and love and I’m reminded of something that was once said to me. A photograph of you smiling at the camera is a postcard sent from you in the present to you in the future and it says “you were having a good time”.Sean Ellis, June 2002

That’s the closing paragraph to the introduction of the book; 365 – A Year In Fashion, a book which is a collection of photographs by Fashion Photographer Sean Ellis taken everyday for an entire year.

It’s an interesting book, with every page showing photos day by day; everyday during 1999. Photo’s range from his professional work, to personal ‘snaps’ depending on what he did on that given day. The book brings a sense of acomplishment, being able to see what he achieved in one year, and is a good book to look at as a whole to see how his life, and styles changed over that period.

At the beginning Sean says how making the book made him become compelled to try new things, travel to new places and meet new people, in his search to try to get interesting moments for each day, an intriguing technique to make you go out and do something with your life, he had a goal to complete, and he made the most of it.

Anyway, if you ever have the time, I suggest rent the book from your local library to have a look, it may not be one of those books you keep to look at again and again, but it’s good to see it atleast once.

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