The David Attenborough Experience!

Well, it was a standard Thursday… nothing special, same old lectures, with the same old rainy weather, even though I braved the harsh conditions and went to into town after the lecture to go shopping… as you do… when a guy from the BBC gives me a leaflet in the street – and hey – as its the BBC and you know me, I wasn’t going to hesitate! Even if it was a signed contract for someone to kill me, I still would have taken the leaflet… anyway… it mentioned David Attenborough being in the Kingston BBC Shop from 5.30pm (as its late night Thursday shopping) to sign books… and given the opportunity, I went back down later in the day… having gone back to my flat first of course…

…anyway, after getting down there at about 6pm, and wondering around for a bit I finally decided to go in, buy a book and get him to sign it, much to my joy I can tell you, even with the security guys and head staff patrolling the shop as if royalty was visiting… anyway, I got the book signed and he said hi and such… so yea… that was my amazing Thursday David Attenborough experience… even though the technical term is “meet and greet”… anyways…

Theres some pics of the book I got which was signed in my gallery HERE. I wasn’t sure if I could take photos in the shop, so I didn’t, and I didn’t fancy paying some stupid price to get a photo taken with him on a Polaroid camera… or atleast I think they were selling them… after all he was a BBC guy…

2 thoughts on “The David Attenborough Experience!

  1. I see Mr Attenborough proved too irresistible, i cant believe you gave up a skype convo to do it, and then you even leave me alone while you and Shane go to ‘The Xbox Queue’


    ….and anyway, isn’t he Sir David Attenborough

  2. Hello – I’m leaving a comment….

    There, happy now I’ve read your blog and commented? :p

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