Two Down

I can’t believe that two years ago I was sitting in examination rooms my 6th Form Westlands, completeing my A-levels. Now, two years on I’ve completed my second year of university, and boy what a year! From going to America and getting adjusted to life over there, to then coming back to Kingston for the second semester to get re-adjusted back; or atleast try to get re-adjusted.

Four months, three final exams and enough coursework to feed a starving goat later, and I’m done for this year. All packed up and after leaving Kingston earlier today and after a quick stop off at Stonehenge for a photo spree I was back in Devonshire for two months over the summer, hopefully with a long well earned break if I can call it that. The summer will be me bracing myself for a year working in industry during an internship starting in a couple months, which will then be followed with my final year before going into the real world for good!

Hopefully there will be plenty of time for other stuff too though over the next couple of months; such as photo sprees and even perhaps our very own¬†British¬†photowalk! There’s also another Open Day and then Broadcast Live later this month which I may be attending which will be good, as well as some other events if any happen to come my way!