Washington DC – Part Deux

Well, the second day we woke up at 8am for an early 9am start to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything! To start with, we headed across the street to the Old Post Office, now used as a food court where once again we got security scanned…. Once in though, we headed to the far side to get to an elevator to get us up into the bell tower so we could overlook the city in all its glory and get some shots looking out over the cityscape.

After that we started wondering around much of the same areas as the day before. The weather was much better today, bright blue skies and by mid afternoon turned to be pretty hot indeed, well into the high 20’s, especially with walking around non-stop all day. Aswell as re-visiting the Washington Monument, White House and WW2 Monument, we also saw the Jefferson Memorial, which was very grand and impressive. Following on from that and after seeing several US Government Helicopters flying very low past, we decided to wonder across the state line in Virginia to have a peak at the Pentagon. However, while ripping my jacket on a barrier we ended up turning back after we read signs which prohibited photography… and… with how the US is with security, especially with it being the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, we thought we would be better off if we headed back!

By this time it was getting pretty late in the afternoon, so, along with getting something to eat and heading for another look at the White House to see George, and more importantly to get some better photos than the previous day, we then headed back to the hotel to sort through the photos again. By this time I was fast approaching the 600 barrier of photos for both days so far. That even we headed across the street outside our hotel to the ESPN Zone. Now, as I’m obsessed it would seem by all this media related, this was my media fix for the trip. Along with a shop where I got a couple goodies, it was mainly a sports bar with 700+ screens! and arcades on the bottom floor, all by ESPN, Disney’s Sports Channel.

More Pics

Anyway, after that we had a quick wonder around to see if we could get a few pics of DC at night, which we didn’t really, and then headed back to the hotel room yet again, for yet another early wake up call Monday morning at, well, this time it was about 8.30am but we got out around 9 or so, so all was good. Monday was never going to a be a full day as we had to be back to the hotel around 5pm to get the coach back, and anyway, it was mainly a day to get souveniers and such like. It would seem DC relies alot on mobile vans to sell souvieners by the roadside, so our plan was to wonder around them and buy some stuff… until something happened!

You see, the North Koreans decided that on that same day they were going to go crazy and test out one of thier nukes… making George Bush a very busy man and having to cancel his tea party with Tony. Either way, while wondering towards the White House (which happens to be where alot of the souviener vans are located) after taking some pics of the FBI building, we notice the road blocked off… so we waited for… well.. under a minute… until we noticed a motorcade or cars giving it all they’ve got to get to the fastest speed possible while turning out of the road where the White House is. Yes, I am talking about President Bush’s motorcade! Along with several police cars, bikes and a crazy amount of secret service (I think – Myles will correct me if I’m wrong on that) vehicles such as 4×4’s, vans and an ambulance were two limos! I got a few pics which are below to show you, a few of which have a few guys staring at me – probably thinking – if you take a pic we’ll kill you… while a guy in the back of one has a sniper-type gun…

More Pics

After that excitement was over, we started getting bits and bobs to buy to take back, and sooner rather than later after wondering around them all, getting something to eat it seemed as though the time had flown by and we headed back to the hotel where we waited… sooner or later the coach arrived, we got on, we traveled… watched a movie… and a agonising 8 hours later we arrived back in Charlotte at around 1am.

So that was the trip. A few pics are below, but alot more are in the gallery, such as pics from the Mall area, Capitol Hill, the Monument, WW2 Memorial, the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, the White House and alot of oyther places! Check them out by clicking the piccie below.

More Pics