Washington DC – Part One

Hey everyone, I’m back from the Fall Break trip to Washington DC with the International Club here at UNCC. Got back on Tuesday morning my time at the crazy hour of 1am or so after a 8 hour coach journey! If we had driven for that long in the UK we would have driven off of a cliff or something… well… probably…

 Anyway, thats all a bit ahead of myself, we left Friday afternoon at 3pm (oops… 4.15pm as our driver was incapable of telling the time). Either way, off we left stopping off along the way in a couple places either for food or just a toilet break and to stretch our legs. Along with a couple of movies to try to help pass the time and listening to music and such, after a while we arrived at around midnight / 1am or so – I can’t exactly remember when – but – it was late! Either way, after after getting into our room and settling down, I finally got some sleep a couple hours later… ready for the start to exploring DC at 9.30am when we had to meet everyone else for a little orientation on what we should expect and just a little feel for the place.

The first day was pretty miserable weather… kinda damp (it had been raining the night before), overcast and pretty windy and cold! Either way we left the main group when we all went our seperate ways in our own mini friend groups I guess you could call them… we started off taking a quick peek in the Natural History Museum, but after 30mins or so and being security checked we left to explore DC itself. We wondered around the city’s Mall area, which is basically a very long strip of a grassy park area in the central area, with the Washington Monument in the middle, Capitol Hill at one end, and the Lincoln Memorial at the other. The White House leads off in another direction from the Washington Monument at another right angle…

The Mall - Washington

I’m sure you all like my Rory Blyth style (er…kinda) piccie above showing you where everything is located! Its a work of art…

Anyway, all that day we wondered round taking photos of this and that, we wondered around looking at all the major areas, Capitol Hill, Washinton Monument, The White House, The Lincoln Memorial and all the other memorials nearby such as for WW2, Vietnam and such like. It was all pretty good, and I took alot of pics – around about 250 on the first day! After looking at all of that we strolled back to the hotel to meet up with the entire group for around 5pm to go to Georgetown, a suburb of the city about 20mins or so drive away.

Now, this town was pretty amazing. It was an old street, built a couple hundred years ago and so had a very England feel to it. As a matter of fact, if the cars were on the other side of the road it would pretty much be England! It even had several English shops and the like, a very nice place with alot of bars and resturants. For all of you in the know, quite a few movies were shot there (I only found out afterwards!) but for example, the scene from True Lies where Arnie is in the bathroom fighting the terrorisrts and then follows one out on a horse while the terrorist is on a motorbike was all shot there down that street and in the shopping mall! Also Will Smith’s house in Enemy of the State was also somewhere in the area. Apparently a whole host of other films have used it as a location before too! Either way… we stayed there for a few hours and got something to eat in one of the resturants, and then made our way back to the coach to go back to the hotel at 10pm or so just to rest and look at all our photos – ready for another early start the following day!

I can see this blog post lasting a while, so, its gonna be a two parter, I’ll post the second part of the trip after I write it! Which will hopefully be later today or for tomorow. I’ll also get all the photos ready and uploaded in time for that blog post too… (Unless you’re reading this on Facebook, as there are some photos to look at already on my account on there of us generally being fools of ourselves)

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  1. Seriously the amount of security checks was stupid, we should have chained ourselfs to railings and protested

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