Where to take photos

If you’re anything like me, than trying to think of places to take photos can sometimes be a real pain. Sitting indoors, or driving around aimlessly while it’s perfect blue skies wishing you knew of somewhere to take photos – but, just like writers block – your mind is blank and you end up staying indoors or coming home empty handed. So to give you some inspiration here is a list of ideas of places and things to take some shots of.

National Parks / Countryside

If you’ve got a car, or access to a car then you’re never too far from some sort of national park or grassland to take photos. The great thing about the countryside is that it’s an ever changing landscape, so a photo you take in January is going to be completely different to one you take a few months later in April or May and so because of that they can be great places to take shots no matter the time of year and whatever the weather.

Places you could consider: Dartmoor, Lake District, Peak District, South Downs and the many London Parks

Buildings / Architecture

Never fear however, if you can’t get to the countryside or just don’t fancy the trek out there, there’s always plenty of buildings around to take some shots. From old buildings with great arhitectural features to massive modern skyscrapers there’s always something different to take. If you’re still lacking inspiration, move away from the standard shot of just a building from the side of a road, but maybe only take a photo of the corner of the building at an angle, or if it’s next to something else which looks nice (like a river) – maybe try for a reflection or something which will make your shot a little more interesting!

Shows & Events

If you live near a big city, there are always a lot of trade shows you could attend – many of which are open to the public – but be prepared to pay entry to most. Motorshows are quite a regular occurance year round, and in the summer there are many air shows which can be found all across the country.

Venues for indoor shows: NEC, ExCel, Earls Court

Special Events

Towns and cities also often play host to many special events – often in the summer months on special days or weekends. They can range from street carnivals and processions, to fireworks displays and events like car shows or air displays from the Red Arrows. Whatever it is, they can quite often be a good place to get photos, either of the event itself or just the general atmosphere they create.

A couple good sites in the London area for you to find any taking place are: Visit London and View London

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but the main thing is to just get out there and take some shots! If you have any favourite places you like to take shots – leave a message below!